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  • 3/31/12 - Trail Riding Clinic

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Trail Riding Clinic

Want to go out on the trail and enjoy your ride every time? Steve will show you simple ways to cross obstacles, keep your horse's attention on you, stop jigging, and tame the trail! This two day clinic works on all facets of the skills you and your horse need to be able to ride any trail. Steve's training methods work naturally with the horse's instinct as a herd animal. Steve will show you ways to overcome difficult dilemmas on the trail along with improvements to any seasoned trail horse to help your horse be the best it can be.

  • $250 per Horse & Rider
  • $25.00 to Audit first day only (no audits available for the 2nd day)

The first day is spent in the arena working to get you and your horse ready. The second day is spent out on trail applying what you have learned. Join us for this fun and adventurous two-day clinic and see how far you and your horse can go.

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