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  • 3/31/12 - Trail Riding Clinic

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"After seeing how Steve worked with the horse and rider I knew I had found the right match... I would not hesitate to recommend Steve Sikora to any equestrian who cares enough to want the right training for a life time partner!"
"Steve's patient and encouraging style makes all the difference in the world... Steve's ability to identify the cause of the problems in behavior or past training helps a rider cut straight to the chase and results are immediate."
"You have gone over and above what the run-of-the mill trainer would have done... Your training techniques have worked on all of my horses, and your work with Sierra has brought her out of the shadows of her fears... Your instruction has given me the confidence I needed to follow my dreams with my horses. Thank you, thank you, thank you."
"I have incorporated all of Steve's methods into my own training programs...from Arabian halter training to Icelandics to the rescue's I rehabilitate."
"I gained confidence in myself and my horse."
"Steve was patient, understanding and did not make me do more than what I was comfortable doing."
"I really enjoyed Steve Sikora. He showed that all horses, regardless of which horse can be taught to be respectful."
"I Learned that I could influence my horse to listen better... Steve is patient and encouraging."
"I was very pleased. I learned a lot of good basic things to do with my horses. I like the way Steve works with me as well as my horse."
"Steve is very good at teaching with the patience and understanding needed."
"We enjoyed the [clinic] and learned a lot and feel we will be able to use this information to get our horses to respect us and our space."
"I learned how to get control of my horse and gain respect." "I liked Steve's manner and the way he presented himself. He made the [clinic] very interesting."

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