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Rope Halter and Lead

Steve's custom rope halter and lead. Made of the very best double braid nylon. The only halter and lead you will ever need. Comes with 12' lead rope with leather popper on the end. This rope will stay soft and flexible for years while being super strong. There is no metal snap to break, but the halter can be easily removed from the lead rope.

Available Colors : Black and White

Was: $55.00

Now: $52.00

Halter Color

Plus $4.00 for S&H

Rein Kit

These handmade rein kits are gentle on your hands and unlike cotton reins, do not stretch. These reins will allow the rider to feel the horse's mouth better which will improve the horse's responsiveness. Once you try these reins you will never go back to uncomfortable leather reins again.


  • 1- 9 foot rope
  • 1- Spool of waxed thread
  • 2- Slobber Straps

Colored rein ropes: White with Gold

Was: $45.00

Now: $42.00

Plus $4.00 for S&H

Steve's Choice Full Cheek Snaffle Bit

These bits are a must if you are a horse owner. Made of the finest stainless steel, this bit allows the rider to get the desired response without causing pain in the horse's mouth. Use what the pros use and get the horse you've always wanted.

Available in Stainless or Copper!

Was: $48.00

Now: $40.00

Mouthpiece Type

Plus $4.00 for S&H

Steve Sikora Training Basics Video

Join Steve at Carousel-Farms in Arizona as he works with 4 different horses, all at different training levels. Steve will show you how to properly round pen, sack out, gain respect, calm and soften a horse. If you're looking for a good introduction to training this is the video to use.

Was: $24.95

Now: $20.00

Plus $4.00 for S&H

SSET T-Shirts

Whether you're relaxing at home, working at the barn or at a horse event you'll love these comfortable 50-50 high quality custom T-Shirts. With the prestigious SSET Logo you'll turn heads wherever you go. Available in Blue or Brown, Large or XXLarge.

Was: $15.95

Now: $12.75

T-Shirt Color & Size

Plus $4.00 for S&H

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