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  • 3/31/12 - Trail Riding Clinic

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Josh Lyons - "Josh is one of the best all-around horse trainers that I have ever worked with.  Josh has surpassed me in his ability to work with both people and horses.  Josh is truly the best."  John Lyons

Matt Gable - has structured a training program that focuses on helping riders achieve the performance goals they have for their horses.

John Lyons - is the most well known and respected trainer in the US. He is known as America’s Most Trusted Horseman.

InfoHorse.Com - "The Horse Information Lives Here."

Progressive Equine - Jimmy Driver, a John Lyons Select Certified Trainer, will teach you how to "Enjoy riding by becoming an Active rather than a Reactive rider."

Falisi Horsemanship - Falisi - Ross & Dawn - "The Most Versatile Team In Horsemanship" "Subtle Horsemanship" offers natural horse training methods for the serious as well as the beginner horseman.

MCS Stables - Flagstaff's Finest Equine Horse Motel & Boarding Facility

Professional's Choice - Sports Medicine Products, Inc. - Sponsors of The American Horse Trainer's Group.

Clay Harper Horsemanship - conducts clinics, fixes problem horses, speaks and demonstrates at Equine Expo's, and conducts his weekly Radio Show "Horsemanship with Clay Harper".

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