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  • 3/31/12 - Trail Riding Clinic

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Six Week Intensive Program

This program is a total of 6 weeks. Participants must bring at least one horse. No more than two. One horse must be able to be ridden safely at the walk trot and canter. The course will contain round pen work, come to me cue, calm down cue, hip work, shoulder work, building the "Want To" attitude in the horse, trailer loading, lead line lunging (wesn lesson), leg yields, side passing, college level leading, leading at liberty, ground driving, one rein stops, one rein backup, reverse arc circles, softness in the bridle, collection, leads, lead departures, spook in place, sacking out, bridle less riding, rollbacks, diagonals, problem solving, working over trail obstacles, and opening and closing gates while mounted.

  • Cost is $1000.00 per week including stall fee. Participants must maintain their horses and their stalls.
  • A deposit of $1000.00 is due in order to register and will be applied to the last week of the program.

Only 5 participants will be accepted for any given program.

Weekends Only Program

The weekend program is designed for those who wish to learn how to train, either for their own horses or for those looking to train as a profession and includes the same course materail as listed above.  However, the program will take place one weekend per month and will have the same content as the regular apprenticeship program. This program is perfect for those that only have weekends to devote to learning the secrets to the trade. The program will take 12 months to complete as opposed to the standard six week course. You may also apply for the certification program upon completion of the apprenticeship program.

Two Week Program

The two week program includes beginning round penning, working trail obstacles, opening and closing gates from horseback, beginning collection, shoulder control, hip control, side passing, improved stops, speed control, and the calm down cue.

  • The cost is $2000.00 for the two weeks.

Private Apprenticeship Program

The Private Apprenticeship Program gives the individual the opportunity to work one-on-one with Steve, contact us for details.


We will accept payment for any service or product online using paypal with your visa or mastercard.

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